What is RoketMel?
RoketMel is full-featured, easy to use Email Marketing web base application that lets you send trackable emails via email service providers like Mailgun, SendGrid, SparkPost, ElasticEmail or Amazon SES. This makes it possible for you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price without sacrificing deliverability.

Why Need RoketMel?
You can save 100x for every campaign. But these savings are useless if your emails can’t be delivered to the inbox quickly. That is why RoketMel allow you to use 3rd party email providers to send your emails with cheapest price but high delivery rate. The result, you can increase the efficiency of your promotion.

Automation & Autoresponder features allow you to automatically or conditionally send email campaigns to your list or individuals in response to several types of events.

You can also configure the application to automatically follow up an email when it is opened / clicked by the recipient. Just setup your autoresponder once and have emails automatically sent for you!

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